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What to Expect

You’re interested in scheduling a free consultation call? Awesome!

Click the link below to schedule your 15 minute consultation call with me.

What Happens Next?

  • If you are still having questions about insurance, please click here.
  • After you schedule your consultation call you will get an email from me with a link to a 5-minute Consultation Screening Form. Please fill out your form prior to our call.
  • At your scheduled time, I will call you at the phone number you have provided. Please be in a place where you feel able to have a brief conversation with me.
  • Your call will help us decide if I am a good fit for you and if not, I will provide you with some awesome referrals for therapists who may be a better fit.
  • If we decide that we are a good fit, we will schedule your first session during our phone conversation.
  • Once your first session is scheduled, you will have access to the online portal and will be sent intake documents to complete, prior to our first session.

I look forward to talking with you!


You’ve scheduled your first session? Great!

It’s normal to be nervous. Here’s what to expect.

Before your first appointment:
You will have access to the confidential online client portal after our very first phone conversation. Here you can login to review and complete all intake documents at your convenience, prior to our appointment. This saves you time, so that you don’t have to show up early and I get a little bit of backstory before we meet, so that I know what’s important to you.

During your first appointment:
It’s ok if you are nervous! Meeting new people can be a little scary, I feel that too. But honestly, I’m kinda goofy and awkward and I promise to do my best to make you feel comfortable, whether our first session is through video or in-person at the office.

In our first session, we’ll review your intake paperwork, what to expect in therapy and your goals. We’ll spend the majority of the time completing your initial assessment, which is just a fancy way of saying that I’m going to ask you a lot of questions about your background, more of what brings you in and basically get all up in your business.

Just answer the best you can. There are no wrong answers.

Our first session will be about 60 minutes because of all the intake questions. Our following sessions will be 50 minutes.

Have more questions?

Please come to therapy totally yourself and with an open mind. You don’t have to impress your therapist. You don’t have to look like you have all your shit together. But you do need to actively participate. Therapy works best for you, when you are honest and you engage.
Therapy is an investment in your life and a commitment to your growth. I recommend coming to therapy weekly for the first few months. This helps us to build a trusting relationship, which is vital to successful therapy, as well as, to create your strong foundation for change and growth. We will check-in as you grow and re-assess the frequency of sessions.
Great question! Please go to the Rates & Insurance page for detailed info.